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2002 State of the Science in Technology Transfer


Lane JP,

State of the Science in Technology Transfer: Implications for the Field of Assistive Technology


Peterson W,

Technology Transfer Trends in the Department of Education


Roumel T,

Biomedical Technology at the National Institutes of Health


Rudd J,

Technology Transfer Trends in Federal Agencies: National Science Foundation


Brand CD,

Availability and Accessibility of the Nation's Research Infrastructure: The Transfer of Assistive Technologies by Federal Laboratories


Thursby JG,

Industry / University Licensing: Characteristics, Concerns & Issues from the Perspective of the Buyer


Erlich JN,
Gutterman A,

A Practical View of Strategies for Improving Federal Technology Transfer


Janis FT,

Emerging Issues: "High Impact Trends" An Empirical Assessment


Baskerville R,
Pries-Heje J,

Diversity in Modeling Diffusion of Information Technology


Lundquist G,

A Rich Vision of Technology Transfer: Technology Value Management


Bauer SM,

The Demand Pull Technology Transfer Project


Leahy JA,

Paths to Market: Supply Push Program


Stone VI,

Critical Success Factors in Technology Transfer: A Case Study in Assistive Technology


Auerswald PE,
Branscomb LM,

Valleys of Death and Darwinian Seas: Financing the Invention to Innovation Transition in the United States


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