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Industry Profile on Visual Impairment

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The Industry Profile on Visual Impairment is a reference document for technical and clinical research, product development, market analysis and segmentation, and general education. The Industry Profile provides a snapshot of the current state of the practice in the field of visual impairment. The Industry Profile includes an assessment of critical needs in the vision industry, a summary of visual impairment demographics and their impact on the market, market growth statistics, a summary of legislation affecting the vision industry and potential funding sources for vision technology. The Industry Profile also includes a discussion on anatomy and physiology of the eye, visual assessment methodology, current eye care providers, visual impairment prevalence, causes, and treatments.

Additonal information: Overview, Table of Contents and What Readers Say!

Portions of the Industry Profile on Visual Impairment can be excerpted with permission from the T2RERC. If you wish to take advantage of this offer, please contact Wendy Strobel via e-mail at wstrobel@buffalo.edu or 716.829.3141 x140.

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