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The T2RERC's Demand Pull Project focuses on the transfer of emerging technologies, R&D capabilities, or design expertise from Federal Labs, advanced technology manufacturers, and researchers (referred to as "technology developers") to assistive technology manufacturers (referred to as "technology consumers").

Technology transfer is the movement of a technology from a Technology Developer (researchers, advanced technology manufacturers, Federal Laboratory scientists, etc.) to Product Producers (manufacturers). Technology transfer efforts will generally be unsuccessful unless: 1) Product Customers (PC - end-users, installers, service technicians, etc.) have significant, unmet needs; 2) Technology Developers (TD) identify feasible technological solutions to address these needs and 3) Product Producers (PP) are unable to develop or obtain this technology without assistance (e.g. high cost, lack R&D capabilities etc.). Resource Providers (RP) assist dissemination efforts, help to locate technology and provide funding. It is therefore critical that Forum participants include appropriate representation from each stakeholder group.