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Title: Partnering with Fortune 500 Companies for Social Benefit
Author: Joseph P Lane
Published: 2006
Publication: The Association of University Technology Managers, Orlando, FL

Representatives from major corporations present actual cases of successful university partnerships, to achieve social benefit outcomes.  The cases will illustrate strategies and practices for engaging corporations in successful development and transfer projects.  Attendees will leave with a better understanding of “How To” initiate demand pull approaches to compliment their internal supply push programs.  Presenters provide University Technology Managers with case-based examples for positioning their university environments as opportunities for achieving “social benefit” outcomes.  Three specific opportunities to discuss are:  1) applying academic research tools to a business development context; 2) recognizing corporations as customers with needs (demand pull) instead of as potential markets for solutions (supply push); and 3) promoting university capabilities as accessible tools to support corporate research and development.  Examples from the field of products for the elderly and disabled will demonstrate how to identify and access corporate contacts, and add value to the corporate business practices.

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