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Title: Technology and visual impairment: primary market research, current practice, and needed technology
Author: Wendy Strobel
Published: 2004
Publication: RESNA Conference: Orlando, Florida. also presented at CSUN Conference: Los Angeles, California

The Technology Transfer RERC (T2RERC) Demand-Pull project focuses on the transfer of emerging technology solutions to the marketplace for people with disabilities. The 2003-2004 Demand-Pull project on technology for people with visual impairments has collected information on the market needs, the current status of AT, and the technology that is essential to meet the current and future needs of people with visual impairment. This paper will present the most relevant findings from the Industry Profile on Visual Impairment, the Stakeholders Forum on Visual Impairment, and the problem statements that resulted from these activities. Problem statements call for development of needed technology in four areas: access to textual information, access to graphical information, access to consumer electronics, and way finding technologies.

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