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Title: Rehabilitation engineering research center on technology transfer
Author: Joseph P Lane
Published: 2000
Publication: World Congress of Rehabilitation International: Rio de Janeiro

The T2RERC has three primary objectives: 1) advance the methods of technology transfer through research projects, 2) transfer technologies into products through development projects, and 3) facilitate the commercialization of new and improved assistive devices through utilization projects. We are accomplishing these three objectives through collaborations with academic, industrial, consumer and government stakeholders. Facilitating and improving the process of technology transfer, requires us to integrate three forms of expertise: a) technical engineering and design, b) market and business analysis, and c) end-user assessments. The T2RERC is designed to function as an intermediary resource for technology transfer in assistive technology, by combining these three forms of expertise within one program. We are prepared to assist other stakeholders, whether they are starting with an idea for a technology application, a technology embodied in a product prototype, or an unmet need in the marketplace. We are pursuing six Strategic Goals during our five-year cycle of operations that will be discussed.

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