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Title: Constraints on the u.s. assistive technology marketplace
Author: Joseph P Lane
Published: 1999
Publication: Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe (AATE): Dusseldorf, Germany

The U.S. marketplace for assistive technology (A/T) devices involves multiple stakeholder groups: 1) Technology Producers (researchers and developers); 2) Technology Consumers/Product Producers (manufacturers, distributors, retailers), 3) Product Consumers (e.g., end-users, family members and service providers), 4) Resource Providers including both third party payers (e.g., federal and state agencies, private insurance companies), and regulatory agencies (e.g., Food and Drug Administration). All of these stakeholder groups operate within conditions that constrain economic growth (Lane, 1997). Improving economic growth in assistive technologies requires coordinated policies that address the needs of all the stakeholders, because all stakeholders are necessary but no one is sufficient to advance the marketplace independently.

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