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Title: Assitive technology, technology transfer and ergonomics
Authors: Joseph P Lane, Stephen M Bauer
Published: 1999
Publication: Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Conference: Houston, Texas

Assistive technology for people with disabilities is an industry characterized by small companies and small markets. There are significant opportunities for professionals in human factors to contribute to the design and development of the user interfaces for assistive technology products. Technology transfer is a process for applying known technologies to new applications. The term is widely recognized but the process is not well understood. Technology transfer's economic advantage is in applying existing technology to avoid the full cost of new research and development. The cost savings of successful technology transfer, offers significant value for small companies and for products with small markets. This paper presents information to facilitate links between the fields of assistive technology, technology transfer and ergonomic design. Participants will and gain essential contact information for the field of assistive technology, and acquire a reference model of technology transfer.

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