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Title: RERC-TET: program access and value added
Author: Joseph P Lane
Published: 1994
Publication: RESNA Conference: Nashville, TN

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Rehabilitation Research & Development Service's (Rehab R & D) Technology Transfer Section (TTS) screens the products emerging from rehabilitation R & D, primarily sponsored by the VA. Requests involving non-VA funded development are also reviewed to identify products or techniques that may meet specific VA needs within one of the priority areas: Prosthetics/Amputations, Orthotics, Spinal Cord Injury, Communication, Sensory, Cognitive Aids, and Aging. The TTS is responsible for the design and management of a systematic process to validate proven rehabilitation R & D findings and progressing the successful outcomes into clinical use, product manufacture, and commercial availability. The ultimate goal is for timely transition of prototypic development into commercially viable products and techniques that can be readily available to benefit veterans and non-veterans with disabilities. Through national information dissemination of evaluation results, the TTS contributes knowledge about new products and techniques.

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