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New Product Announcement: Henter Math's Virtual Pencil Algebra



St. Petersburg, FL - September 30, 2004
Media Contact: Ted Henter, info@HenterMath.com

Henter Math is pleased to announce the release of Virtual Pencil Algebra, computer software for interactive access to algebra for students who are Pencil Impaired. VPAlgebra provides solutions to the basic issues that a pencil impaired student encounters when dealing with simple Algebraic equations. It is an answer to the serious need for educational software to help students with disabilities who cannot use pencil and paper and therefore require an alternative environment for manipulation of numbers.

Using VPAlgebra a student can read, create, or manipulate equations involving a variety of elements and expressions, such as quantities, radicals, exponents, subscripts, matrices, fractions, and Greek symbols. VPAlgebra can be used by the student just like a pencil working through the problem step by step creating new equations. Teachers can use VPAlgebra to create an assignment or test, password protect it, and then send it to the student via email, save it to a diskette, or print out the answers. The password prevents students from changing the assignment. The same assignment can be printed-out for able-bodied students in the class, saving the teacher a lot of time.

Future versions of this product will handle higher levels of math, such as advanced algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and graphs. There will also be support for nemeth Braille output on mbossers and refreshable Braille displays, alternative input devices for motor impaired students, and enhanced visual/audio displays for learning disabled students. For this first version a blind student will need the Jaws screen reader to work with VPAlgebra. We plan to configure other screen readers and screen magnifiers to work with this product in the future.

You can read more about VPAlgebra at http://www.HenterMath.com, and download a version for a free trial. The price is $299 plus shipping and handling. For less-advanced math check out our VP Arithmetic.

Contact Information:

Henter Math, LLC
P.O. Box 40430
St. Petersburg, Fl 33743-0430
Email: Info@HenterMath.com
Website: http://www.HenterMath.com
(888) 533-MATH (6284) – Toll Free
(727) 347-1313 – Local
(727) 302-9422 – Fax

Henter Math Vision: To make math education accessible and positive for all pencil impaired students, adding to the learning experience,
multiplying academic successes and broadening career opportunities.

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