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New Product: Black & Decker Digital Advantage Countertop Oven (CTO 8500 & 9500)


With assistance from the T2RERC's Participatory Development Project, Black & Decker is introducing the next generation of toaster ovens this fall, the CTO 8500 and the CTO 9500 Digital Advantage Toaster Oven/Convection Ovens. The Black & Decker Digital Advantage Countertop Oven is a combination toaster and convection oven designed to make the task of preparing meals simpler and less time consuming. The toaster/convection combination allows for all the uses of a normal toaster oven. However, the convection technology also allows users to prepare other foods more quickly than a normal conventional oven.

The RERC's consumers expressed a desire for a product featuring a larger capacity, no knobs or dials to turn, easy clean up, easy crumb clean up, larger non-slip handles, a cool outer shell to prevent burns, better temperature control, more precise temperature settings, more even heat distribution, defrost capabilities, cooking accessories, an automatic shut off, and an auditory cue when cooking has completed. Black & Decker responded with a 6 slice toaster capacity, pressure sensitive button controls, a .43 cubic feet non-stick baking chamber for easier cleaning, a slide out crumb tray, large handles, a "Thermal-Guard" outer shell, electronic toast control for even toasting, digital settings from 200 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit for baking and a 1-7 toast range for toasting, heating elements on top and button of chamber as well as a convection oven setting, defrost, preheat, toast, bake, and broil function, baking pan included and additional pans available, an auto-off timer after 90 minutes, and a signal bell/power indicator/auto off beeper. The Digital Advantage features an LED readout displays the cooking function, time, and the current temperature as well as a digital clock and timer, which features a 2 hour digital timer with cooking-countdown function. The Bagel Control features a predetermined toasting time and temperature, eliminating any chance of error.

Contact Information:

Black & Decker URL: http://www.blackanddecker.com

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