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Product Announcement: The Family Toilet Seat


With the assistance from the T2RERC and the RERC on Universal Design, Maddak has introduced the Family Toilet Seat to consumers at Medtrade 2003. The transgenerational concept addressed by the initial prototype fabricated by Dr. Mullick's group and the in depth marketing information provided by the RERC on Technology Transfer provided Maddak with compelling reasoning on the need to introduce such a product into the marketplace.

The Maddak Family Toilet Seat is an attachable toilet seat that features both a toilet seat with a smaller opening in order to accommodate younger children as well as a standard toilet seat. When not in use, the smaller toilet seat can simply be flipped up and the normal toilet seat can then be used. The Family Toilet Seat can be easily removed for cleaning or storage when not in use. This device also features rubber bumpers under the bottom seat that grip the toilet to stabilize both of the seats. The Family Toilet Seat fits all standard toilets.

Contact Information:

Maddak, Inc.
661 Route 23 South
Wayne, NJ 07470
Phone: 973-628-7600
Fax: 973-305-0841

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