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Assistive Technology Transfer Update


Title: T2RERC heard around the world
Author: T2RERC
Published: 2003
Publication: Assistive Technology Transfer Update: Vol. 5 Issue 1 (Spring)

Government sponsored research and development initiatives are increasingly asked to demonstrate their value to their constituents in the private sector and in the community. U.S. programs such as RERC's are expected to transfer prototypes to the commercial marketplace and are increasing their diligence and proficiency at accomplishing this outcome. The T2RERC has a decade's worth of experience assisting with transfers, including successes with prototypes that had previously failed to attract corporate investment.

Research and development programs in other countries are facing similar expectations. The European Union (EU) has sponsored assistive technology projects for the past ten years through the TIDE program. In their effort to apply new and innovative approaches, in 2002 EU officials invited the T2RERC to make keynote presentations at a series of conferences.

Joseph Lane presented "Keys to Successful Transfer" during the International Conference on Computers and Handicapped People (ICCHP) at Linz, Austria in July. Dr. Stephen Bauer followed up by presenting "Critical Barriers and Carriers" at the AAATE's meeting in Hoensbruck, The Netherlands in October.

Lane and Bauer have since combined their material into a paper that has been accepted for publication in AAATE's official journal, "Technology & Disability."

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