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Assistive Technology Transfer Update


Title: National Science Foundation
Author: T2RERC
Published: 2003
Publication: Assistive Technology Transfer Update: Vol. 5 (Spring) Annual Report, 2001-2002

According to Mr. James Rudd, Program Manager at NSF, the majority of technology transfer activity occurs within the Engineering Directorate's Industrial Innovation programs, which includes the SBIR/STTR programs, the Engineering Research Center program, and the Academe/Industry Liaison program. NSF programs addressing assistive technology issues include Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, Human/Computer Interactions, and Biomedical Engineering - Research to Aid Persons with Disabilities (BRAD). The BRAD program designs products for people with disabilities. Transfer efforts are left to the grantees and their home institutions, although all projects are summarized in an annual publication.

Despite NSF's basic science history, it is exploring ways to balance societal and economic benefits of programs. Related technology transfer issues are:

  • Intellectual property rights regarding funded innovations.

  • Engaging university-based grantees in the commercialization process.

  • Improving the process of technology transfer both internally and through technical assistance to grantees.

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