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Three images showing RERC activity:  a person doing design work at an accessible workstation, a project team meeting, and a graduate student and staff member fabricating a prototype

The Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Technology Transfer (T2RERC) ended a successful five-year funding cycle on October 1, 2008. The T2RERC site will remain up so that T2RERC materials can further benefit the NIDRR constituencies. Unfortunately, T2RERC personnel cannot offer further assistance. News! flashes (below) will be limited to a few critical announcements. On behalf of the T2RERC, I thank the US Department of Education; National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) for their sponsorship and guidance. I also want to thank and wish the best to my friends and colleagues at the T2RERC especially Joe Lane, Doug Usiak, Jim Leahy, Vathsala Stone, Sue Arnold, Jennifer Flagg, Michelle Lockett and Liz Lagowski as well as former employees, students and our many friends in the public and private sectors. The T2RERC mission was to facilitate technology development, transfer and product commercialization that benefitted elders and people with disabilities. The T2RERC was part of the Center for Assistive Technology (CAT) within UB's School of Public Health and Health Professions (SPHHP). It is our hope that NIDRR will recomplete the RERC on Technology Transfer in subsequent years.


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Steve Bauer, PI

News! (2009) T2RERC publishes three New Training Modules! Download Free.

News! (2009) T2RERC publishes The Industry Profile on Wheeled Mobility. Free Download.

News! (2008) NIDRR awards UB the Disability Rehabilitation Research Project (DRRP) on Knowledge Translation for Technology Transfer (KT4TT)!


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