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Projects Transferred

Coming Soon…(Late 2008)

Look for a New Assistive Technology Product in late 2008 from

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StrongArm™ Mobility Devices (June 2007)

StrongArm Cane sideview
StrongArm fullview
StrongArm™ Cane sideview
StrongArm™ Cane frontview

The StrongArm™ Cane is a lightweight, height adjustable mobility device that provides greater support, stability, and control as compared to other forearm crutches. The device uniquely combines a handgrip and bracing element in a handle that shifts loads from wrists to forearms, providing better support than a conventional cane.  The handle is formed from a single length of tubing to deliver forearm crutch performance without the rattling multi-piece assemblies, or large plastic sections found on competing designs. The key to this cane is a cushioned cradle that ties lower shaft movements to the stable forearm rather than the flexible wrist.  The bracing action of the cradle fully stabilizes the wrist, making the StrongArm feel like a solid extension of the arm. The StrongArm mobility devices are fully adjustable, and work with either arm.  They are currently available for purchase in two sizes, the StrongArm and the StrongArm Slim. A third size, the StrongArm Super for bariatric patients is coming in fall 2007.

Caller Connect (June 2006) aka Line Butler

Prototype of Caller Connect
Line Butler
Line Butler Connected
Proof of Concept Prototype
Final Product
Line Butler connected to phone

The single phone "Caller Connect" is an electronic telephone accessory, placed near the telephone it is monitoring, that automatically reconnects a telephone that is in an "off the hook" state. This would benefit individuals with spasticity or limited muscle control, who might not always place the receiver squarely in its cradle. The diminutive (2" by 3" size) Caller Connect not only reconnects a telephone for outgoing calling, but also notifies a consumer, using built-in tonal and LED warning signals, that their telephone is off the hook and unable to receive incoming calls. This device is targeted at the elderly and/or individuals with disabilities living alone. These people in particular need uninterrupted access to a phone line in order to ensure their safety. Device has been licensed to Madalex, LLC and is available at Dynamic-Living, Inc. (www.dynamic-living.com)

Automated Pill Crusher (May 2006)

Proof of Concept Prototype of Automated Pill Crusher

Proof of Concept Prototype

The Automated Pill Crusher is an electrically operated appliance designed to assist individuals with the task of crushing pills. It is designed to make crushing pills easier for both consumers who may have difficulty swallowing pills and their caretakers. The Automated Pill Crusher is clean, quiet, and easy to use. Two versions of the pill crusher have been designed: one for home use, and one for institutional (hospitals, nursing homes, etc.). The device has been licensed to First Wave Technologies and the device is scheduled for product introduction in the Fall of 2008.

 Surfboard® Voice Activated Remote Control (March 2006)

Surfboard Voice Activated Remote Control

The Surfboard is a universal, interactive television remote designed to give the user the power of hands free voice control. Suitable for controlling TVs, cable boxes, satellite receivers, DVRs, DVD players, and VCRs, the Surfboard will respond to built-in voice commands as well as those commands you create. It also has a specialized “Surf” function that allows you to program in your favorite channels in order to view them quickly and easily.

The Surfboard was designed with the goal of creating a more accessible device that could be easily operated by visually impaired individuals and those with fine motor control difficulties. However, the Surfboard also provides convenience to everyday consumers who are looking for hands free voice control of their television and other auxiliary devices.

Features Include:

  • Large, talking buttons (voice feedback) which indicate what button you have pushed
  • Control TV, cable, or satellite box at the touch of a button or the sound of your voice
  • A specific keyword to get the surfboard’s attention so it won’t respond to conversation in the room
  • Learns commands from other remotes
  • Surf button can be setup to go to all your favorite channels by name

Surfboard Remote Control: Innovations Award Honoree at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show

Kelvin Thermostat (January 2005)

Kelvin Thermostat
Using Kelvin Thermostat

Kelvin is a voice-interactive, fully programmable thermostat. It can be operated by pushing its buttons, all of which provide voice feedback, or by simply speaking to the thermostat which responds to voice commands once it has been programmed. Kelvin can be programmed to lower the temperature daily at specific times of day, such as evening, weekends, or vacations, when the residence is unoccupied, and to then adjust automatically for periods when the house is occupied again. It will control both heating and cooling and replaces the exisiting thermostat in the residence. Measures 5"x5"x1-3/8" and is very light gray in color. Tactile arrows mark the "Raise" and "Lower" panels.

The T2RERC provides ongoing assistance to companies licensing devices represented by the T2RERC. For example, in year two of this grant cycle, the T2RERC performed Beta focus groups on the Kelvin thermostat for the express purpose of providing to Independent Living Aids a critique on the current version of the thermostat and guidelines on design changes needed for the final commercial product. In addition, the T2RERC authored and produced a web-based commercial on the Kelvin thermostat for Independent Living Aids’ web site.

Independent Living Aids also expressed an interest in providing a version of the Kelvin to the hotel and motel industry. The T2RERC was able to provide a high profile corporate partner to evaluate the thermostat and provide feedback to Independent Living Aids on the design and features Kelvin must possess to be considered for incorporation into their hotels.  In addition, Kelvin was showcased at the large ASHRAE (HVAC) show in January 2006 and the T2RERC provided a looped version of the web commercial to Independent Living Aids along with our last newsletter article on the device to Independent Living Aids for use at the show. 

Accessible Universal Design Thermostat Based on Initial Ron Mace Design

Kelvin Web Based Commercial

UB School of Public Health and Health Professions Impact Article: “Technocratic Thermostats”

PDA Magnifier and Line-Text Isolator (October 2004)

PDA Magnifier and Line-Text Isolator

The Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Magnifier and Line Text Isolator allows a person to focus on and read a single line of text on a PDA screen, while also enlarging the text so that it can be read more easily. The PDA Magnifier and Line Text Isolator is compatible with most PDA's. Its unique design allows it to be easily attached to and removed from the PDA, thereby maintaining the compactness and convenience that PDA's are noted for. Licensed to Turning Point Therapy & Technology.

Adjustable Bathroom Suites (October 2003)
The suite consists of fixtures with flexible mountings and connections, which are readily adjusted to meet the demands of various users, achieving the best "fit" between the user and the environment. The sink and shower roll along the wall on runners and wall-mounted horizontal bars to create larger toileting, grooming, or showering areas, essentially providing any of three different "large" bathrooms in one small space. It opens up on demand for a variety of conditions, such as comfortable operation, simultaneous utilization by couples, easy use by large persons, or for caregivers to assist children or dependent adults. The fixtures also adjust in height for standing and sitting users and variations in stature or usage, locking securely in place to prevent unplanned movement. The Adjustable Bathroom design provides its users with comfort, choice, safety, and flexibility. The Adjustable Bathroom allows users to modify the fixture and spatial designs on demand as their needs change over time. They are able to personalize their bathroom environment. These bathrooms adjust with ease in order to meet the needs of a diverse population within a single location.  Licensed to Lasco Bathware.

Family Toilet Seat (October 2003)

Family Toilet Seat

The Family Toilet Seat features a child's seat with a smaller opening fitted between a standard adult seat and lid. When not being used, it can be flipped up into the recess of the lid. The center child's seat can be removed for easy cleaning or storing when not needed. Rubber bumpers under the bottom seat grip the toilet to secure the seats and eliminate "wobbling". It fits all standard toilets and is made of durable, flexible plastic. Licensed to Maddak, Inc.

Current Projects

Telephone Devices
We currently have two telephone devices, one that is an actual telephone and another that is an accessory to a telephone, under development/commercialization. However, due to Intellectual Property issues we are unable to disclose them at this time.

UpStop Wheelchair Breaking System

Upstop Wheelchair Breaking System           Wheelchair Braking System Arm           Braking System Release Arm
UpStop Wheelchair Breaking System
Braking System Arm
Braking System Release Arm

The UpStop is a newly patented braking system for manual wheelchairs.  The UpStop automatically engages a set of brakes separate from the wheelchair’s standard wheel locks when the occupant begins to exit, thus preventing the wheelchair from rolling forwards or backwards.  When entering the wheelchair, the occupant’s weight is applied to a release arm located just under the wheelchair seat causing the braking system to disengage.  This allows the wheelchair to move freely.  When the occupant begins to exit the wheelchair, the weight is relieved from the release arm, causing the brake arm to engage.  The brake arm provides a frictional force to the wheelchair tire that resists forward and backward motion.
The Upstop also allows the user or caregiver to disengage the brake from behind the chair. The caregiver will have the security of knowing that the chair will not “get away” when he or she walks behind it. The instant the user’s hands slip off of the brake releases, the brake will engage, safely halting the chair’s movement to help prevent falls.  These brake releases are located on the handles of the wheelchair and do not need to be depressed unless the chair is empty. Transport made simple! The Upstop is the only auto-brake that lets you fold a manual wheelchair without any tools or disengaging the brake.

Easy Bather Shower Chairs (Two versions)

Home Version Easy Bather Shower Chair
Institutional Version Easy Bather Shower Chair
Home Version
Institutional Version

The Easy Bather Shower Chair is an adjustable shower chair designed to assist caregivers in the bathing of patients/residents in a hospital, nursing home, or assisted living facility by raising the patient/resident to a more comfortable bathing level for the caregivers. The Easy Bather Shower Chair uses a custom designed scissor lift powered by a hand held drill motor or a crank to raise and lower the patient/resident, and is portable, safe, and easy to use.

The Easy Bather Shower Chair, Home Version, is an adjustable shower chair designed to assist caregivers in a home, apartment, or other private dwelling when washing a person.  The Easy Bather Shower Chair mechanically raises the shower chair user to a more comfortable level for the caregivers, eliminating the need to bend down to wash someone. This will prevent back injuries or general discomfort that can be suffered from bending over for prolonged periods of time. 

Expanded Keyboard

Expanded Keyboard

The Expanded Keyboard is an external keyboard attachment for Texas Instrument calculators with internal Flash ROM (read only memory), which are, currently, the TI-73, TI-83 Plus, and TI-89 models. An enlarged, lightweight, independently powered replica of the keyboard face of these calculators, the Expanded Keyboard is directly connected to the calculator through the latter's serial port. The Expanded Keyboard is targeted primarily at students who lack the fine motor control skills necessary to operate a standard TI scientific calculator, but wish to take courses in chemistry and mathematics. People who would benefit from the Expanded Keyboard have disabilities including arthritis, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Professionals in science, mathematics, engineering, and business fields who have acquired fine motor control limitations through illness or aging, provide a secondary market for the Expanded Keyboard.

Other Projects
Michelin Tweel®
We currently have multiple other devices under development/commercialization, however, due to Intellectual Property issues we are unable to disclose them at this time.

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