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D1. Supply Push Project: "Transferring New, Useful and Innovative Products through a Supply Push Approach"

photo of: James Leahy
James Leahy

One of the programs of the T2RERC is the Supply Push Model of Technology Transfer. Under this model, the assumption is made that many useful products have already been invented, but they are not available to consumers because the inventors lack resources to move the invention to the marketplace. Solutions exist and we simply need to push them out to meet and resolve problems. Our Supply Push Technology Transfer Program solicits and evaluates prototype devices, and works to license those with potential value to consumers.

The Supply Push Program of the T2RERC is unique because people with disabilities are integrated into all aspects of our program, including our product evaluation focus groups. We recruit people with disabilities who could potentially benefit from the device, along with prescribers and caregivers to participate in these groups. These evaluators bring the consumer perspective to bear as to what features and qualities a device must possess to make it a useful product that truly fulfills the needs of the consumers. The methods the T2RERC will employ to implement the Supply Push Program are varied.


James A. Leahy

Project Staff:


Elizabeth Lagowski, Andrew Leahy, Jonathan Leahy

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