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Overview of Development Programs


Collectively, these four Development Programs facilitate the introduction of significant new products into the marketplace and establish new and improved technology transfer practices. The Supply Push Program and Demand Pull Program permit us to engage promising emerging technologies and prototype A/T products, regardless of how they were initially developed. The Fortune 500 Program introduces our nation's most influential corporations to new market opportunities. The Informatics Program envisions an entirely new method for RERC's and their stakeholders to conduct business using decision-support and knowledge management tools.

D1. Transferring New, Useful and Innovative Products through a Supply Push Approach (Supply Push Program) [top]
The T2RERC will seek, screen, and offer transfer prototypes that are novel and offer superior functional capabilities to existing products. The program commercializes inventions on behalf of RERC's, researchers and clinicians, and entrepreneurs addressing the A/T, aging, and mainstream markets. We plan to commercialize two new products per year.

D2. "Transferring New and Innovative Technologies Through a Demand Pull Approach" (Demand Pull Project) [top]
The T2RERC will continue soliciting advanced technologies that address the highest priority needs of selected A/T industries. The on-going work in the fields of wheeled mobility, hearing, speech, and vision will continue. We will also initiate a new project to address transfer opportunities in the field of education technology. Across these projects, we plan to transfer an average of two advanced technologies per year.

D3. Improving Accessibility of New Mainstream Consumer Products through Participatory Development ( Fortune 500 Program) [top]
The T2RERC will formalize a pilot project initiated in the prior cycle, where we helped a Fortune 500 company integrate accessibility and usability features into a new mainstream consumer residential thermostat. We will work with three Fortune 500 companies during the five-year cycle to assist them in bringing new, more accessible products to the mainstream marketplace.

D4. Facilitating Technology Transfer for All RERC's through a Pilot Informatics Project (Informatics Program) [top]
The T2RERC will develop a pilot informatics infrastructure to share and disseminate technology transfer information. We will assess value of this informatics infrastructure to RERC's and more broadly to the A/T industry and other stakeholders.

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