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DP3. Fortune 500 Project: "Improving Utility of Mainstream Products Through Participatory Development"


photo of: James Leahy
James Leahy

Over the next 5 years, through our Fortune 500 project, the T2RERC and its partners will implement a practice we call "Participatory Development" (PD). Participatory Development is designed to communicate the philosophy of involving all consumers in all phases of product design and development to our nation's largest and most influential corporations - those Fortune 500 companies producing new household products for consumers. These companies are continually re-designing their products to respond to customer needs and stay competitive in the marketplace. Our message will be that they can expand their markets by considering the needs of people with various levels of functional limitations, when they are designing new mainstream consumer products.


James A. Leahy

Project Staff:

Elizabeth Lagowski, Andrew Leahy, Jonathan Leahy

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