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DP2: Demand Pull Program

Submit a Technology


Technology submissions are generally the result of a great deal of investment in both time and effort by the technology developer. However, a good idea or even a working prototype do not guarantee that a submission will be accepted into the Demand Pull Project.

A technology may already exist in the consumer market; lack market demand; not address critical needs of people with disabilities or the elderly; infringe on an existing patent; be unacceptable due to size, complexity, aesthetics or other factors; or likely to exceed acceptable price points. This information is very valuable to a developer, even if the T2RERC cannot work with your technology.

In order to ensure an efficient and accurate, the T2RERC asks that technology developers complete the following steps prior to submitting your technology.

Prior to Submitting

1. Read the Problem Statements

The Problem Statements contain a great deal of market research on the critical technology needs of people with hearing, communication, mobility, and vision impairments. Problem statements include:

  • Business opportunity for needed technology
  • Impact of legislation on market demand for needed technology
  • Review of current technology
  • Technical requirements (targets) for needed technology

2. Research the Technology

To ensure that your idea or technology is truly new and innovative you must do your homework.

  • Use Internet search engines to identify similar technologies and products. Chose generic terms related to your idea/invention for your key words.
  • Review online product listings. Look for manufacturers that market products similar to your invention. Manufacturer listings can be found through trade show websites, trade association websites and trade publications.
  • Review product catalogs. Major distributors often carry thousands of products.
  • Review online databases (Abledata). These databases contain large listings of assistive technology products, product manufacturers, and resellers.
  • Seek out professionals or people with disabilities who would be potential customers for your idea / technology. How do they currently meet the need addressed by your technology? How well is their need met?

3. Conduct a Patent Search

Doing a thorough patent search is often difficult. Nonetheless, developers should try to determine whether patents already exist for the technology they plan to develop. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and Delphion patent search websites are recommended.

Note: Delphion requires that the user register prior to conducting patent searches. Basic registration allows you to perform an initial search (details lacking), is free.

Completing these three steps helps to ensure that you and the T2RERC focus their efforts on technologies that meet the needs of people with disabilities AND are likely to be successful in the marketplace. If after completing these steps, you feel that your technology is still viable and innovative, please complete the submission form below.

Submit a Technology

If you are developing a technology with application to any of the problem statement areas described on the needed technology page, you may use the form below to submit a non-proprietary description of your technology. When finished, simply select the Submit button. Upon receipt, T2RERC staff will review your submission. Each submission is unique, but reviewers consider factors such as:

  • State of technology development (e.g., concept, bench prototype, etc.).
  • Additional research and development (R&D) required (e.g., cost, time, likelihood of success).
  • Status of intellectual property (e.g., unprotected, provisional patent, etc.).
  • Potential impact on the disability marketplace (e.g., market and technology needs addressed).
  • Technology developer's R&D capabilities.
  • Technology developer's history of commercialization.
  • Barriers to technology transfer and commercialization.

Where more detailed information is required, a non-disclosure agreement can be provided by the Demand Pull team. A T2RERC staff member will contact you within two weeks to discuss your technology and possible linkages to the Demand Pull Projects work.

To begin, choose the technology area that best describes your technology and select "continue".


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