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DP2: Demand Pull Program

Needed Technology


The technology needs of people with hearing, communication, mobility, and visual impairments have been identified through the primary market research contained in the Stakeholder Forum Proceedings. A companion a project entitled, Facilitating AT Industry Innovation through Focused Market Research, contains a review of each industry area. These Industry Profiles will be systematically reviewed and updated over the current grant cycle (2003-2008).

Technology needs are summarized in short problem statements. Each problem statement includes an abstract, a brief overview of the business opportunity provided by the new technology, and specific technical requirements (features, functions, and performance) for sought-after technology solutions. The audience for the problem statements is diverse and may include marketing, management, and engineering professionals. As a result, problem statements are written using clear, concise language. Problem statements for each technology area can be found below:

  • Wheeled Mobility (tires, chargers, monitors, manual propulsion, continuously variable transmissions, adaptive motors)
  • Hearing Impairment (binaural hearing aids, assistive listening systems, small group communication)
  • Communication Enhancement (communication processing, input and output interfaces, wireless integration)
  • Visual Impairment (access to text, graphics, and consumer electronics and wayfinding)


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Blindness and Low Vision

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