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DP2. Demand Pull Program: "Transferring New Technologies Through a Demand Pull Approach"


Steve Bauer
Steve Bauer

The Demand Pull Project seeks out and transfers technologies that meet critical needs of people with mobility, hearing, vision, and communication impairments to mainstream and assistive technology (AT) manufacturers. The work of the Demand Pull team is guided by primary market research that enables us to accurately identify the needs of people with functional limitations and secondary market research that provides an overview of each industry area. Primary market research, which is contained in the Stakeholders Forum Proceedings, includes consumer focus groups and interviews with manufacturers, clinicians and academicians. Secondary market research, which can be found in the Industry Profiles, clarifies markets (segments, members, size), manufacturers (products, features and functions), distribution channels, purchase and reimbursement policies, and relevant conferences, tradeshows and publications. Technology solutions are sought in both the private sector (other manufacturers), and public sector (universities, federal labs). The T2RERC provides a range of services to technology developers to help facilitate technology transfers and the commercialization of products resulting from these transfers.


Steve Bauer, T2RERC Principal Investigator

External Advisor:

Pasi Sorvisto, Manager of Industrial Development
Wellness Technology Center, Jyvaskyla Science Park, Ltd.

Project Staff:

Douglas J. Usiak, Consumer Research Specialist
Jennifer Flagg, Market Analyst

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