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Advisory Board Members


The Advisory Board members are experts in their own areas, and represent points of access to other resources relevant to the field of assistive technology. The Tech Transfer RERC is honored to have such distinguished people participate in this effort. They are:

Arun Jain|
Don Siegel|

Madelyn Bryant McIntire|
Michael Scriven|

Pasi Sorvisto|
Pallavoor Vaidyanathan|

Arun Jain - has extensive international experience. In 1979, he was selected as the Senior Fulbright Hayes Scholar to the European Institute of Business Administration (INSEAD), France, to which he returned in 1987. Dr. Jain has played a key role in helping the former Soviet Union and other Eastern European countries move towards privatization and market-based economies. He has traveled, given lectures, or taught executive education programs in Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, England, Scotland, Hungary, the former Soviet Union, Latvia, and Mexico. Dr. Jain was selected as "Professor of the Year" by MBA students in 1989 and was honored by SUNY Chancellor D. Bruce Johnstone in 1990 with the "Chancellor's Medal" for excellence in teaching. He is author or co-author of more than 60 articles published in international journals and serves as a consultant to major international corporations. [ Top of Page ]

Don Siegel - is Professor of Economics and Chair of the Department of Economics at RPI. He received his bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees from Columbia University and served as a post-doctoral fellow at the NBER. He was an assistant professor at SUNY-Stony Brook, a full professor at Arizona State University, and held a chair in industrial economics at the University of Nottingham (U.K.). He has also been a Faculty Research Fellow of the NBER and an ASA/NSF/BLS Senior Research Fellow. Professor Siegel is editor of the Journal of Technology Transfer and President-Elect of the Technology Transfer Society (T2S). The T2S is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and sharing best practices in technology transfer from universities and federal laboratories to firms. He is also an associate editor of the Journal of Productivity Analysis and an editorial board member of the Journal of Management Studies. He recently co-edited special issues of Small Business Economics on "Policies to Promote Entrepreneurship in a Knowledge-Based Economy," International Journal of Industrial Organization on the "Economics of Intellectual Property at Universities," and the Journal of Business Venturing on "Science Parks and Incubators." In 2004-2006, he will be co-editing special issues of Journal of International Business Studies on "Political Strategies, Corruption, and Corporate Social Responsibility," Structural Change and Economic Dynamics on the "Economics of Corporate Social Responsibility," Journal of Management Studies on "Corporate Social Responsibility," Journal of Productivity Analysis on "Corporate Social Responsibility and Economic Performance," and Research Policy on "The Creation of Start-Up Firms at Public Research Institutions" and "University-Based Technology Initiatives." Dr. Siegel is a member of a National Academy of Sciences research team that is conducting a three-year study of the Small Business Innovation Research Program across federal agencies. His primary research interests are the economics of technological change, university technology transfer, productivity analysis, and corporate social responsibility. [ Top of Page ]

Madelyn Bryant McIntire - Dr. McIntire is the current Director of the Microsoft Accessible Technology Group working to deliver on the Microsoft commitment "delivering on our corporate mission—to enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential—means we strive to build technology for everyone, including those who experience physical difficulties or disabilities." [ Top of Page ]

Michael Scriven - D.Phil., Oxford University (Philosophy); M.A. (Honors), University of Melbourne (Philosophy of Mathematical Logic); and B.A. (Honors), University of Melbourne (Mathematics). Currently Professor of Philosophy and Associate Director of The Evaluation Center at the Western Michigan University where he directs the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Evaluation Program.

An eminent scholar of international renown, Dr. Scriven is well-known for his significant and seminal contributions to establish the logic of Evaluation, its founding concepts and core terminology, and more recently for his trans-disciplinary vision (2003) of Evaluation. Formal logic threads through and integrates his writing and thinking that span psychology, education, physics, computer science and technology, besides evaluation. He has authored more than 400 publications, proposed key evaluation concepts and definitions such as goal free, formative and summative evaluations through monographs and journal articles. He has produced classics such as the Evaluation Thesaurus (Sage, 1991), and professional tools like the Key Evaluation Checklist and Product Checklist. He has edited many professional journals and served on editorial boards of more. Currently he edits the online Journal of Interdisciplinary Evaluation.

As a past president of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) and of the American Evaluation Association (AEA), Scriven's contributions to evaluation theory and his outstanding service won him the AEA's Lazarfeld Medal and its Robert Ingle award respectively, besides others that recognized his lifetime contribution to evaluation including faculty evaluation and development.

Scriven's past positions include Fellowships at the Academy of Social Sciences (Australia), the National Science Foundation, Harvard University, the Educational Testing Service (Princeton) and at several Centers of Advanced Studies in California and at the University of Alberta. He has held faculty appointments at the Claremont Graduate University, the University of California at Berkley, Indiana University, Swarthmore College, Auckland University and the University of Western Australia.

Scriven's research and evaluation interests include critical thinking and technology assessment, besides evaluation theory and evaluation logic and methodology. [ Top of Page ]

Pasi Sorvisto - works as Manager and Head of Industrial Development team of Wellness Technology in Jyvaskyla Science Park, Finland. Mr. Sorvisto works intensively with sports and health technology industries, and some of the customers are global market leaders in their categories. Over the past six years he has studied business games (in sports and health tech) in global business arenas - who is playing, where, how and with whom. At the same time he has developed new business and product development tools for enhancing business growth. He has experience in mentoring business and product concept generation, managing business development programs, public financing and building international level partnerships and networks. Mr. Sorvisto's educational background is multi-disciplinary. He has studied in University of Oulu in the Department of Electrical Engineering, and holds Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from University of Jyvaskyla ( School of Sports and Health Sciences). He has also received a Top Ice-Hockey Coaches education. He has coached the Finnish top ice-hockey team for 12 years. In addition to his current work, he is seeking a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering, Strategy with a focus on Growth Business Generation Models and Tools at Tampere University of Technology. [ Top of Page ]

Pallavoor Vaidyanathan - earned his Ph.D. at the Massechusetts Institute of Technology in 1999. He is currently Assistant Vice President for Research at the University of Central Florida. [ Top of Page ]